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Professional Health Products has a MethylGenetic line that was designed specifically for genetic based supplementation. Using your genetic information Dr. Sylwester is able to choose supplements to help support your metabolic pathways that may not be working optimally.

Professional Health Products contain the purest and most bioavailable ingredients. Careful consideration is given to the binders chosen and to the process by which the formula is made. They use ingredients that are more biochemically interactive and available. They base their decision on their understanding of the biological pathways and studies available to them.

They use only the highest quality, wild harvested, organic ingredients in their nutritional supplements, as well as glands harvested from New Zealand; range-fed bovine, ovine, and porcine sources. The herbs they use are picked at the time they are most biologically active. They are harvested and put into a solution within one hour. When materials are not available to them in the U.S., they do whatever is necessary to obtain the finest quality ingredients.

Professional Health Products was founded in 1990 by Peter J. Nudi, based on his passionate belief in the health benefits to be gained by supporting the body’s natural ability to heal itself with the help of quality nutritional supplements.