Immune System Prep for COVID-19


Support the optimal functioning of your immune system.

As individuals and collectively we are now learning to live with the reality of COVID-19.

This has resulted in a great disruption to our lives and economies. It has become apparent that it will be with us for a while, so we need to address how we can minimize our personal and global risk going forward.

We are still trying to learn about the virus, but some things have become apparent as we get more information. There are certain populations that are at a higher risk for significant disease and death as a result of becoming infected. Some of these risk factors are not modifiable, like age. The older you are, the higher your risk. There are, however, apparent risk factors that ARE modifiable. These are obesity, diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease. Even if you are not “there” yet in terms of a diagnosis, you can certainly be on that path with your metabolic health. 

These risk factors can be eliminated or reduced by lifestyle changes. I work with patients to first identify these modifiable risk factors and then make lifestyle changes to reduce them as much as possible. These same changes will also improve the overall function of your immune system, which will help you fight the virus if you become infected.

The following variables are important for supporting an optimal functioning immune system


A healthy diet with a normal blood sugar response


Restful sleep


Stress reduction


Positive social interaction




Supportive nutrients if deficiencies exist


Healthy gut function as much of our immune system resides in our gut

More important than ever – take control of what we can in our environment, as much is beyond our ability to change. Taking control of your lifestyle choices will help protect you now and in the future, with respect to staying healthy