ProFractional Treatment

Target Deep Wrinkles and Scars All Over the Body

The ProFractional procedure uses a fractional resurfacing treatment to achieve deep penetration into the skin support structures.

  • During fractional resurfacing, the laser removes precise columns of skin leaving the surrounding tissue intact to provide for rapid healing.
  • This deep skin penetration stimulates collagen production and reduces skin laxity.
  • The depth of penetration is controlled and the procedure is safe.
  • ProFractional recovery time is usually 4-5 days and then you may return to work and your usual activities.

 ProFractional Benefits:

Scar reduction

Fine lines eliminated

Deep wrinkles reduced

Stretch marks minimized

ProFractional is usually combined with MicroLaser Peel for optimal results with no additional recovery time.  ProFractional can also be combined with SkinTyte for the treatment of stretch marks.

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