Free Consultation

Each new client receives a FREE 20-minute consultation with us. We use this time to hear your health concerns and discuss factors that affect your health.

Please select a time that works for you and we’ll call you confirming whether or not the time you selected is still available.

    Our free consultation includes:
    Review of medical history and prior labs
    Evaluate medical concerns and goals
    Current diet and exercise patterns
    Current supplement program
    Current overall lifestyle & health status

    Dr. Sylwester is considered an out-of-network provider with ALL insurance companies, including Medicare. Please verify your out-of-network benefits before scheduling if you are wanting to get reimbursed for visits. We DO NOT bill your insurance but will give you a form you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement if you have coverage. We have many patients who get partially reimbursed by their insurance company for medical visits.