Skin Tightening

Treat Age Related Skin Laxity and Collagen Damage

Using broad band light technology infrared energy heats the deep layers of the skin and contract existing collagen.

  • The body responds to this stimulation by growing healthy new collagen to support skin structure.
  • New collagen formation will continue for months after the treatment.
  • The result is firmer and tighter skin supported by healthy collagen.

SkinTyte II can be used on any skin surface.

SkinTyte II is usually done as an initial series of three treatments with regular maintenance. It is a good solution for facial and neck laxity, abdominal looseness from childbearing or weight loss, and the loss of upper arm and thigh skin tone. SkinTyte II does not require the use of any anesthesia and there is no downtime. You can immediately return to work and your usual activities

SkinTyte II works extremely well with Photofacial to ensure maximum skin tightening and collagen formation.